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When it comes to selling on Shopiro, creating a detailed and descriptive listing can make a big difference in whether or not your product sells well. This includes optimizing your listing name for search algorithms, providing a thorough description that answers all potential questions from buyers, and including primary and secondary images that give a clear idea of what the product is and its intended purpose.

It's worth noting that enabling the "Is this product drop shipped?" option may actually result in lower sales, as some users may find it unappealing. Similarly, listings with the adult content option enabled may not be recommended as much, as not all users wish to see or display such content. In some geographical areas, such content may also be prohibited.

While it's not intentional, listings created by stores may have an inherent advantage over those created by individuals due to stores likely having better quality listings, leading to more sales. However, Shopiro's automated quality control algorithms randomly audit listings and may choose not to recommend a product until a manual audit is conducted by us.

Overall, creating a detailed and descriptive listing can increase your chances of selling on Shopiro, while certain listing options may affect visibility to potential buyers.