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Shopiro's messaging system allows buyers and sellers to communicate instantly and efficiently on the platform. The messaging system has a number of features that can help users make the most of their conversations.

Automatic Translation:Users can turn on automatic translation by sending the command "/translate" or "/translation" in the message. They can also specify a target language by adding a space and the ISO-639-1 language code after the command.

Security and Content Filtering:All messages are encrypted for security, but they are scanned by machine for spam, vulgarity and suggestions to use external services.

Message Recall:Users and sellers can recall the last message they sent by using the command "/recall". Keep in mind that this does not guarantee that the other user has not already seen the message.

Embedded Content:Help articles, images, tenor, listings, order IDs and links will have their content embedded into the chat automatically.

Contact Support:If you have any issues or questions about using the messaging system, you can contact Shopiro's customer service team through the live-chat feature available 24/7.

It is important to remember to use the messaging system responsibly and follow the platform's guidelines and terms of use.