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Shopiro is a multivendor e-commerce platform that allows both personal sellers and store sellers to list their products for sale. While personal sellers can list their products for free, store sellers have access to additional features that can help them increase sales and grow their business.

Here are some of the benefits of having a store subscription on Shopiro:

List an unlimited number of products:With a store subscription, you can list an unlimited number of products, giving you the opportunity to expand your product offerings and reach a larger audience.

Create a virtual storefront:Store sellers can create a virtual storefront on Shopiro, allowing them to customize the look and feel of their store and create a professional and cohesive brand image.

Advanced reporting and statistics:Store sellers have access to advanced reporting and statistics, which can help them optimize pricing and inventory management, and make data-driven decisions about their business.

Increased visibility:Store subscriptions come with increased visibility on the platform, which can help you reach more customers and increase sales.

Enhanced customer support:Store sellers have access to enhanced customer support from Shopiro, providing them with dedicated account managers, and priority support.

Keep in mind that you will be charged a monthly or annual fee for your store subscription, depending on the plan you choose. Be sure to review the pricing and terms of your subscription plan before upgrading.

If you're a personal seller on Shopiro and you're interested in upgrading to a store subscription, you can follow the steps outlined in the article "How to Upgrade from Personal Selling to a Store Subscription on Shopiro".