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Fake reviews can be a significant problem for e-commerce platforms, as they can skew the ratings and feedback for products and sellers, leading to confusion and mistrust among shoppers. At Shopiro, we take the issue of fake reviews very seriously, and we have implemented a number of measures to fight and prevent them.

First, we do not allow new users to leave reviews on our platform. This helps to ensure that only users who have actually made a purchase and have experience with the product or seller are able to leave a review.

We also have self-adjusting threshold requirements such as minimum order quantity and minimum time on the platform before allowing a user to leave a review. This helps to ensure that only legitimate reviews are posted on our platform.

Our review system also has a way for fellow buyers to rate reviews between "Biased" and "Unbiased" which allows the community to help us detect fake reviews. If a review's bias score gets too low, it may not be put forward for other users or accounted for in the review score calculations.

Please note that if a seller cancels an order or fully refunds a buyer, the review on this order may be automatically removed. This is to ensure that reviews are only left by users who have actually received and used the product.

Additionally, we use machine learning techniques and other algorithms to detect and flag suspicious reviews, which are then reviewed by our team. We take appropriate action against fake reviews, which may include removing the review from the platform and taking action against the user who left it.

We understand that trust is vital to our platform and we're constantly working to improve our systems to better detect and prevent fake reviews. If you have any questions or concerns about reviews on our platform, please don't hesitate to reach out to our customer service team through the live-chat feature available 24/7.